Rock Salt

What Does Rock Salt Do?

Rock salt (also known as halite) is a mineral salt that lowers the freezing point of water. This means that putting salt on to ice causes it to melt. In addition to causing melting it interferes with new ice being added and a small amount of rock salt will weaken ice and make it far easier to remove.

Special Offer

At Aquasoft Herts we use rock salt for a number of uses particularly in softening water and cleaning applications. Over the year we have put 200 bags of Rock Salt aside for early Winter purchases and are able to offer extremely competitive prices on early season purchases!

Contact Us

Remember last winter when the councils were short of salt and could not grit the roads? Don’t let it happen again! You can place your order directly on this website. Just use the order form and enter your name. Alternatively, please phone on 020 3664 8163 – we look forward to hearing from you!