Multiflow 3 way Taps

Multiflow 3 way ceramic taps A Multiflo 3 Way ceramic tap does away with the need to have an additional tap for filtered water fitted to either your sink or worktop with hot and cold water available as per normal via the control lever on the top. Whilst fresh filtered water has its own separate internal flow way activated by turning the small handle on the side. Its under sink in-line water filter will remove any unpleasant tastes i.e. chlorine, and impurities, to allow you to experience the real flavour of water.

The design also allows for installation to either a low or high-pressure system without affecting the flow of water.

For the first time, tea, coffee, and any soft drinks will have their true taste.

If you do not know your water hardness or indeed need any advice, please do not hesitate to call us on 020 3664 8163.

Special Features